In your opinion, what is the biggest issue facing Paradise Valley residents?

Paradise Valley is experiencing a shift in our population as home prices and sales are soaring.
Articles are being written in various publications about our quaint small town, which is attracting
investors. Development and redevelopment and traffic are constant strains I’ve heard from
Party Houses, noise, public health and safety issues have become a larger concern with the onset
of residential homes operating as businesses in our neighborhoods. Neighborhood connection
and camaraderie is changing.
With all of this, it is most important you pick the best leadership team to lead us into the future.
My focus is on mountain and open space preservation along with public health and safety. That
is the platform I ran on in my first race and was elected and that remains the same. Picking a
leadership team that is preservation focused, still mindful, collaborative and supportive of our
developer community, is essential.
I don’t believe in career politicians and, if I am re-elected, I will be very happy to serve a second
term and during those next four years will be looking to identify and coach up the future leaders
of the Town of Paradise Valley.
I was born and raised in Paradise Valley. My family is passionate about protecting our mountains
and open space. My father ran on a preservation platform in the ‘80s, with a slate, and won. We
must continue to seek those leaders that want to preserve and protect our town. I am one of those.
I thank you in your consideration of voting to re-elect me to Paradise Valley Town Council.