Paradise Valley Town Council candidates talk about local development increases

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Development: How is the Valley of the Sun’s population growth impacting Paradise Valley?
According to the last census, Arizona’s population increased 11.9% from 10 years ago making
Phoenix the fifth largest city in the U.S. In Paradise Valley, we are land locked and so our
development would come from resort, medical center, house of worship development and
redevelopment, lot splits, new subdivisions of large lots and housing redevelopment/remodel.
As far as new builds, the West Valley continues to out pace Paradise Valley but, that is to be
expected. In fact, most cities in Maricopa County had increased populations as of the last
census, where Paradise Valley had a decrease. The population growth of our state, along with
recent publications highlighting Paradise Valley, is directly impacting our growth and changes in
the town makeup. Investors and commercial entities are buying properties.
When I was first elected in 2018, I recall the total amount of homes being approximately 5,500
and in our latest published PAFR (Popular Annual Financial Report) 2021, that number is now
6,113. I support development and redevelopment in Paradise Valley. From time to time, your
neighborhood or community needs a refresh. And so does your council from time to time.
That is why it is important to select leaders who listen to and fight for resident causes and
concerns and believe in preserving our unique quality of life. What I have observed with career
politicians is that they want meetings over quicker, don’t have the patience they once had and
stop working as much for the residents, but for their own special interests. If I am re-elected,
this will be my second four-year term. I thank you in your consideration of voting to re-elect me
to Paradise Valley Town Council.