Ask the candidate: Is a Paradise Valley population decrease of concern?

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The 2020 U.S. Census shows Paradise Valley population has decreased slightly — the census
shows the town lost about 200 residents over 10 years. Is this something to be concerned
While we show a slight decrease in our population of less than 2%, our data shows that the
number of short-term rentals and homes purchased by corporations for that purpose have
been the primary driver for the population decrease. The census was also conducted during
COVID in April of 2020, and, with the seasonality of our residents, some may have not returned
to Paradise Valley that year to been counted.
The town has six different sources of revenue that make up the general fund with
intergovernmental comprising 10% of the total. As of February, fiscal year to date 2021-2022
there will be a slight decrease in state-shared revenue of 3% or $110,000. However, in
budgeting for 2023 we are forecasting an increase. I’m not too concerned about our revenue
decline in this bucket, as we have many more sources of revenue that are showing significant
Our town is well capitalized with $70 million in cash reserves. I have sat on an investment sub-
committee, when organized, with two other council members and the CFO. However, I’ve
advocated for an investment committee during my tenure on council that is comprised of our
resident experts. The town does not levy a property tax to our residents, and I continue to
support that.
The more concerning part of this equation is the influx of corporate buyers to our overall mix in
population and the changing of our neighborhoods. Along with, if our population continues to
reduce and were to drop below 10,000 or not exceed a 2% growth rate, according to ARS
Section 9-461.06, the general plan will not need voter ratification and would be adopted by the
town council.
It is important our residents are informed and have input to our town’s general plan — being
that is what will guide the town for the next 10 years. Something to be mindful about. The
Census 2020 showed our population at 12,658.