Andeen: In response to Phyliss Patterson

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I have received so many wonderful texts and calls from residents who attended the Eagle
Society event in May, stating that “Phyllis” couldn’t have been at the same event and offering
me praise for my service and commitment to Paradise Valley.
I am so grateful for this outpouring of kindness and support. Thank you!
It is still unclear, as of the writing of this piece, whether Phyllis Patterson exists and attended
that meeting. The Eagle Society has not returned my emails confirming her attendance and she
does not appear in any recent voter rolls for the Town of Paradise Valley. We may never know
the true author of that piece.
The Independent wrote in their editor’s note stating, “Phyllis Patterson is a longtime Paradise
Valley resident.”
I continue to ask, as well as others, the true authenticity of this person and how that was
verified. My supporters have asked the same question to me…if Phyllis is not a real person, who
wrote the opinion…and why?
I am astounded that someone would publish such harsh words about me, attacking my
character. However, each and every day, I am reminded that we live in a broken world. My only
response to “Phyllis Patterson” is, you are loved, and I will pray for you.
As I look to the upcoming week, in celebration of Father’s Day, I want to offer my deep
gratitude to all Father’s on this day. I will be celebrating my father this year by placing a cross
where he is laid to rest behind our family home on Mummy Mountain.
I encourage others who have lost their fathers to do something similar and tag me on social
media (FB: Ellen Andeen for PV Town Council, IG: ellenandeenpv).
Let’s celebrate & remember together! I know my father is proud of the daughter he raised and
would be so happy to see me continuing our family legacy of service to the Town of Paradise