Q&A: What do Paradise Valley council candidates value about town?

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What is your favorite aspect about the Town of Paradise Valley?
I am a native to the town of Paradise Valley. I went to college in Tucson, spent time in Prescott,
California, and the Northwest, but my home is in Paradise Valley.
My parents have been active with the town for a very long time and have lived in the same
house since 1964 on the side of Mummy Mountain. With that, I spent much of my childhood on
and around the mountains of Mummy and Camelback. Our mountains are precious. Our zoning
at one house per acre makes our town, along with its open space and dark skies unique,
tranquil and inviting.
We are a premier destination, cited by many publications. I love the tranquility of our town
along with the rural type of appeal in an urban setting. There is nothing quite like it.

Additionally, I am so thankful to our residents and leaders before me, that have fought for the
preservation of our unique town, my father being one of them in the 80s. I thank you in your
consideration of voting to re-elect me to Paradise Valley Town Council. (ellenandeenpv.com)